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Central Reinsurance Corporation (Central Re) was established by Ministry of Finance (MOF) on October 31, 1968 to promote growth of the domestic insurance sector. Central Re was launched with capital stock of NT$15 million, but after many capital increases, the company’s capitalization reached its current total of NT$8,003.8875 million.

Central Re is the only domestic reinsurance company in Taiwan and specializes in undertaking reinsurance for domestic and international non-life and life insurance companies. In order to increase its competitiveness, and following trends in enterprise liberalization and globalization, Central Re completed its privatization process on July 11, 2002. 

The Evergreen Group is the major shareholder of Central Re. Established by Dr. Y.F. Chang on September 1, 1968, Evergreen has grown to become one of the largest business groups in the world today. From marine transportation to civil aviation, logistics operations and even a chain of international hotels, the Evergreen Group has diverse and global interests.

To increase its competitiveness, Central Re adopted the Evergreen Group’s motto of “Challenge, Innovation and Teamwork”. The company will continue to become a market paradigm, enhance clients’ value, and create corporate profit. It also aims to become the best reinsurance company in Asia.