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The National Palace Museum
The National Palace Museum houses more than 620,000 of the finest Chinese art treasures in the world. Besides displaying pieces from the imperial collections of several dynasties, the Museum's collections cover the full breadth of 5,000 years of Chinese culture.
C.K.S. Memorial Hall
With its imposing architecture and green open spaces, the C.K.S. Memorial Hall is flanked by the National Theater and National Concert Hall. Open-air performances are often held here on weekends and public holidays; it is a popular spot for Taipei residents to spend their leisure time.
Lungshan Temple
Built in 1740, Lungshan Temple serves as both a religious and community center for local residents. Several different deities are worshipped at the Temple , and there are many festivals held there during the course of the year which are particularly lively occasions.
Taipei Lantern Festival
The Taipei City Lantern Festival is held at the C.K.S. Memorial Hall to coincide with the Yuan Hsiao Festival each year. The event combines traditional arts with modern technology, using light and music effects to display the lanterns to best advantage. In 1998 the Festival expanded beyond the boundaries of the Memorial Hall, with thousands of gorgeous lanterns being strung along the length of Jenai Road , lighting up Taipei City at night in the most striking manner.
Ceremonies In Commemoration of Confucius at the Confucius Temple
The sage Confucius was China 's greatest teacher. The anniversary of his birthday is celebrated on September 28 each year. Solemn ceremonies are held at the Confucius Temple ; schoolchildren perform a ritual dance in honor of Confucius on the platform outside the Ta Ch'eng Hall.